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From one artist to another.
The Adamantium is a Toronto-based interview show hosted by Adam R. Harrison featuring musicians, celebrities & local personalities in casual conversations about art, culture & entertainment.
Adam R. Harrison

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About The Host

Adam R. Harrison is a man of many interests, talents, and experiences. His passion for art and culture has driven him since he can remember. Adam is a practiced photographer, illustrator and graphic artist, a skilled athlete and musician, and an absolute junkie for live sport and music.


Adam grew up in Toronto and graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelors of Commerce and a major in Economics. He spent several years in the advertising industry representing high-profile brands like Mercedes-Benz & Coca-Cola. Since then he has managed multiple businesses as well as built a portfolio of productions, journalism, design and photography. Adam has been a contributing magazine, blog, and radio photojournalist to several outlets including Toronto's prolific radio stations 102.1 The Edge & Q107, and has been internationally published.


More than anything, Adam loves being around people and learning what makes them unique. Along with his culmination of experiences to draw from, he has a people pleasing personality and an overall optimism. For Adam, hosting an interview-style podcast just seemed like the right thing to do.

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