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  • Adam R. Harrison

Podcast: E015 Snow

E015 Snow

90s Canadian reggae icon, Snow, joins us on the latest episode of The Adamantium Podcast as we discuss the 25th anniversary of his massive hit, “Informer,” and how the song changed his life after it went number one and became the highest selling reggae song of all time. Snow tells us about the time he was charged with two accounts of attempted murder, singing in the jail house, and sharing a cell with his father, brother, and uncles. We also talk about his band, Icon, with members of Treble Charger and Sum 41, performing with his hero, Cocoa Tea, sneaking into a Wham concert as a teenager, the advice he received from Gene Simmons, his love for Liam Gallagher, and how he manages a life of sobriety on the music and party scene.

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