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  • Adam R. Harrison

Season 05 Is Upon Us!

Every year I say it, but I continue to be humbled by the opportunities this podcast has been granted. What started as a passion project has now become a storybook of over 130+ episodes. As a journalist, conversationalist, and music lover, I look back at some of these episodes and think how impossible my high school self would have thought this to have been. I am beyond grateful for those who have entrusted this music geek with their incredible clientele and continue to boost this podcast above and beyond where I ever expected. Especially in the last couple years, where the interview environment continuously changed with the global pandemic. But when their is passion, there is opportunity, and when there is a will, there is a way. So I now present to you Season 05 of The Adamantium Podcast, where we have no intention of slowing down!


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