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  • Adam R. Harrison

Podcast: E041 Chef Nuit & Jeff Regular

E041 Chef Nui & Jeff Regular

Toronto sweetheart restauranteurs, Chef Nuit & Jeff Regular, the masterminds behind THE BEST Thai food in Toronto (and maybe even the planet) and four must-visit restaurants in the city of Toronto: Pai, Sukhothai, Sabai Sabai, and Kiin, join us on this episode of The Adamantium Podcast. They tell us the story of how their adventure and life together all started on the back of an elephant. We go through their history from their very first location in Thailand, Curry Shack, to their newest location, Kiin, and what makes it unique and special. We also discuss their upcoming cookbook, the decor in Pai, recipe inspiration, and their love for Toronto. I also do an on-air taste test of some of the new menu items at Kiin, spoiler: they’re delicious!

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